Annual averages in rural, suburban and urban locations were calculated from the output of the EMEP4UK model version 4.3. The rural, suburban and urban AURN observation site locations were used to obtain the latitude and longitude of the model output for the annual site type averages. Therefore, for each year and each pollutant a different number of data values (locations of observation sites) contribute towards the annual averages. The number of locations in each average can be found in the table at the bottom of the page. These averages are graphed below for Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone, PM10, PM2.5 and Sulfur Dioxide respectively.

Links to the spatial distribution of pollutants over the UK can be found in the table on the right. Pollutants included in the mapped output are: dry deposition of reduced Nitrogen, surface Ozone, surface Ammonia, surface Ammonium, surface Nitric Oxide, surface Nitrogen Dioxide, surface PM10, surface PM2.5, surface Sulfur Dioxide, surface Sulfate, surface total Nitrate and wet deposition of reduced Nitrogen.

The hourly model output compared to the AURN observation sites can also be found, arranged by year, from the EMEP4UK OUTPUT drop-down menu or from the links on the pollutant map pages.

Nitrogen Dioxide




Sulfur Dioxide


 Number of locations (taken from AURN observation locations) from which the above EMEP4UK annual site type averages are calculated.

Year Site Type Pollutants: NO2, O3, PM10, PM2.5, SO2 Year Site Type Pollutants: NO2, O3, PM10, PM2.5, SO2
2001 rural 17 2011 rural 22
  suburban 9   suburban 13
  urban 92   urban 95
2002 rural 18 2012 rural 21
  suburban 9   suburban 12
  urban 96   urban 95
2003 rural 19 2013 rural 22
  suburban 8   suburban 12
  urban 93   urban 89
2004 rural 18 2014 rural 21
  suburban 8   suburban 12
  urban 97   urban 87
2005 rural 20      
  suburban 9      
  urban 95      
2006 rural 22      
  suburban 9      
  urban 95      
2007 rural 22      
  suburban 10      
  urban 95      
2008 rural 23      
  suburban 9      
  urban 92      
2009 rural 22      
  suburban 13      
  urban 93      
2010 rural 22      
  suburban 13      
  urban 93